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The Hot water manicure Bowl can also be used for a hot oil Manicure keeping the Oil Warmer for longer.


Nail Buffer by Flormar. Nail polish. Designed for natural nail plate. It has 4 walls, which are equipped with abrasives of different thicknesses, making the product perfectly cleanse, smooth and polish nail. The polish will make your hands look like after a visit to a professional beauty saloon.

  • Nail polish.
  • It has 4 walls with abrasives of different thicknesses.
  • Perfectly polishes nail plate.
  • Designed for natural nails.

1. Start with the gray polisher to shorten your nails.
2. Use the white wall to shape and smooth out unevenness.
3. Scrub with the side in shades of fuchsia to add shine.


-The Pump Bottle is made from acetone resistant plastics.
-You can fill it with acetone or nail polish remover or makeup liquid.
-Suitable for nail treatments, gel nail process, nail cleaning, makeup removal, etc.
-Travel friendly
-Place the nail wipe cotton pad on the top of the bottle and press, then the liquid will drain from the hole.
-Capacity : 250ml



Foot File/Rasp
Double Sided
Hard Skin Remover

Item type: Nail art tool 
Material: PU leather & sponge 
Color: Rose red, Red, Pink, White, Silver, Black, Gold,(optional) 
Item size: Approx. 29.5 * 13 * 6cm / 11.6 * 5.1 * 2.4in 
Weight: Approx. 73g / 2.6oz