Facial Steamer
Facial Steamer
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Treat brittle & damaged hair.
Ideal for treating pores & dry skin.
Table top design for personal care at home or salon.
Easy and convenient to use.
Mini size, easy to carry.


1. Soften the dead cells of skin surface to make it easier to remove in the next skin care processes.
2. Open up the pores to clean deeply.
3. The vapor can permeate to the pores, softening the grease, blackheads, cosmetic residues and dirt, easy to remove.
4. The vapor can help eliminate toxins form pores, softening the wrinkles temporarily.
5. Accelerating blood circulation, moisturizing the cells, improving the metabolism and repairing of the cells.


Brand new and high quality
2. Made of durable material, non-toxic and harmless
3. You will look more elegant when using this perfect hot facial & aroma steamer

  • Adjustable height and 5 non-stick rolling casters
  • Hot and cold facial steamer hydrates dry skin and closes pores
  • Come with UV switch
  • Silent operation (no timer clicks!)
  • Antibacterial Ozone function
  • Integrated aromatherapy compartment
  • Independent steam/ozone switches
  • Compact travel size
  • Professional design
  • Helps reduce wrinkles
  • Eliminates acne
  • Excellent price
  • Heated steam