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One intense drop packed with skincare ingredients achieves a healthy scalp environment for growing strong, resilient hair. Prevents problems unique to dry scalps, such as skin roughening, to create a healthy scalp environment for beautiful hair. * Contains Hyaluronic Acid Complex


Prevents problems unique to oily scalps, such as stickiness and itching, to create a healthy scalp environment for beautiful hair. [Recommended for] Those with sticky scalps Those concerned about scalp odor Those who want a clean and refreshing sensation

  • An everyday solution to achieve denser looking hair
  • Ideal for thin, fine hair
  • Includes Stemoxydine and Glycerin

The Aminexil Advanced Roll-on by L’Oreal Paris is the ultimate scalp care product. The Aminexil solution is very easy to apply owing to its roll-on applicator. This L’Oreal Paris roll-on scalp liquid swiftly glides over your scalp and starts its work immediately. The L’Oreal Paris aminexil has an advanced formula that consists of Omega 6 fatty acid. This, along with various other ...


  • Everyday scalp solution for denser looking hair.
  • Stemoxydine 5% - improves density of thinning hair
  • With pipette application, the treatment is quick and accurate
  • Proven to help you achieve more hair per cm² in just three months.
  • An everyday fibre thickening serum for the lengths that leaves hair looking thicker.
  • Enriched in Intra-Cylane a thickening molecule born of ten years research.
  • Reveal hair that looks thicker and appears fuller to touch.

TheSerioyl Scalp Cleansing Treatment Thinning HairbyL'Oréalprovides thin hair with more fullness and density. The containedglycolic acidfrees your scalp of all impurities and promotes the oxygen supply. Thanks to its white cream-gel texture with the included mint perfumeprovides freshness and an invigorating effect.

  • Protect Roots and Scalp
  • Restore Nutritiojns
  • Prevents Thinning & Hair Loss
  • Regenerate and rebuild hair from within hair roots
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 penetrates into the roots and hair and repair damaged hair
  • Ginger root extract vitalizes the scalp
  • Reduces the build up of flakes

BC Scalp Genesis Root Activating Serum with Carnitine Tartrate, Taurine and Echinacea is the second step of the Root Activation regime.

Combined with Root Activating Shampoo, it activates the hair roots to reduce non-pathological hair loss after 6 weeks.

  • The hair tonic Seborin for scale-free hair.
  • The anti-dandruff agent octopirox prevents the formation of dandruff and helps thus effective against annoying head itch.
  • By revitalizing ingredients in conjunction with a head massage the hair remains healthy and fresh.


Application: Hair massage Seborin water daily for 2 minutes in the scalp.


The effective ingredient penetrates to help promote the growth of healthy strong hair.


A styling agent employing sun care technology. Root Spray lifts the hair up from the roots, giving it an airy, voluminous look while also protecting the scalp from harmful UV rays.


Conditions the scalp to keep it moisturized and clean while effectively helping to prevent hair loss, dandruff and itchiness to make hair more beautiful.


Lotion formulated with peppermint and anti-scalp irritant combat the problems of dry flaky and itchy scalp. This special ingredient purifies the scalp, eliminate the dryness and flakiness whilst replenish the moisture of the scalp. Preventing itchiness and problem recurrence due to the bacterial infection.


An intensive and concentrated lotion to prevent persistent hair loss, regulates secretions. Special botanical extracts improves scalp blood circulation to encourage hair growth and strengthen the scalp to avoid falling hair while UV protectant helps reduce hair damages by ultraviolet rays.


Leave in scalp treatment with BlackYouth CX washes the excess sebum in the scalp, leads to a healthy scalp environment.