Mustache & Beard Care
Mustache & Beard Care
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  • 100% High Quality Brand New
  • With Tracking Information
  • Size: About 17*11.5cm
  • Weight: About 30g
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: Transparent Black



The new Elegance PLUS After Shave Lotion provides real shaving relief. Refreshing and revitalizing, it moisturizes your face and protects from nicks, skin breakouts, razor bumps and cuts. It will leave you feeling refreshed, hydrated and smelling amazing.


This Elegance hair, beard and mustache oil is a highly moisturizing and lightweight oil ideal for the daily maintenance of the hair, beard and mustache. Hydration keeps your facial hair healthy as it grows, but it also hydrates your skin, which doesn’t get a lot of attention under a beard. This helps to prevent beard flakes. Beard oil is a great grooming tool itself. The hydrating ingredients help to keep coarse hair neat and smooth, making your beard touchable, soft, tangle-free an smelling amazing. Oil contains refreshing scent.


Upgrade your shaving routine with the best quality gel in the market. Elegance shaving gel provides a faster removal with less amount compared with shaving creams, it provides transparency so you can see where the blades from your razor have already passed through. Our shaving gel creates a layer between the blade and your skin, shielding it from cuts, nicks, and most importantly, razor burns.


Produced in India
Tube 125 gr. 
Scent: menthol,Lime

  • Clear Gel Provides For The Ultimate Razor Shave.