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OMEGA Cool Injection Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Acne Removal Skin Care Machine
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1. New idea for skin rejuvenation, safe treatment with good result.
2. Safe and effective for all skin types.
3. Friendly design, easy to operate.

To Clean : Fill the serum container with warm water and spray after use.

The primary function of the Omega Cool Injection™ is Nano-Oxygen Therapy. Nano Oxygen Therapy provides the skin with a refreshing and gentle blast of oxygen that both nourishes the skin and delivers a serum or ampoule solution deep into the skin in the form of a fine nano-particulate mist.

Using pressurized oxygen to deliver the user’s desired liquid serum or ampoule deep into the skin, Nano Oxygen Therapy not only helps the skin absorb the liquid solution, but the oxygen itself fights bacteria and provides a cooling and calming effect for the epidermis.

Nano Oxygen Therapy delivers oxygen directly into the skin to help the skin retain its firmness and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Continued oxygen treatment can be used to flatten stubborn lines or wrinkles. The infusion of oxygen is good for the skin because it encourages cell and collagen regeneration and also rejuvenates skin that has been exposed to pollutants, such as tobacco smoke and other toxins that deprive skin cells of oxygen.

Oxygen Facial also creates a mist of super-fine particulate solution to dramatically improve the skin’s absorption of solution through a process known as the waterfall effect. The “waterfall effect” or “Lenard effect” is the phenomenon first described by Nobel-Laureate physicist Philipp E.A Lenard of Germany. Lenard explained that when water falls in nature, water molecules collide with surface materials, such as rocks, and instant pulverization of the water occurs.

When pulverized water drops smash on surface material, the impact forms a weak current, negative ion layer above the surface material. This weak current increases oxygen concentration and explains why we feel cool when we approach a waterfall.

Nano Oxygen Therapy uses the same “water fall” effect principle. The pressure of the oxygen pulverizes ampoule solutions for better skin absorption and a cooling sensation. This technology provides much better skin absorption of the ampoule solution when compared to modern brush devices that merely spray large molecules of solution on to the skin. Nano Oxygen Therapy is thus an effective method of providing the skin with instant moisture at any time, whether in the spa or at home.


Feature and benefits:Components:


Basic Nursing Procedures : 

1.Cleanness: To clean the face and dry it slighty. (The procedure is better to use with the diamond dermabrasion instrument, which can dispel the cutin first.)

2.Oxygen injection( Do with the Oxygen Inject Gun): To apply the essence oil according to the different skin on the face and use the Oxygen Inject Gun to inject the oxygen along the skin texture of the face, doing the facial massage, promotion, wrinkles dispel, whiten and moisten the dry skin or thin the pore and control the grease of the greasy skin,and so on.

Notice: Turn the pressure to 2L/M when doing the oxygen injection. The time for the whole face to inject the oxygen is 30 minutes. And do it from the forehead to the chin. For the skin in the eyelid is much thin, try one's best to avoid this place when doing the operation.



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