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Scalp Therapy Instrument Machine 4in1
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Hairs can not only protect head and prevent the head from avoiding wind, solarization drench and other injury, but also it profits for beauty.
High-cycle ozone hair care instrument is a new generation high technology product, it adopts peculiar high-frequency electricity signal through human biology-electricity into the body. It produces peculiar electricity frequency, the biology effect of wave produces different deep effects, it can improve the circulation of the head blood, enhance the nutrition metabology of the head tissue, accelerate the growth and restoring of the hairs tissue, and through deep penetration of the connective tissue of hairs and blood vessel nerve, it can active the hair follicle, remove grease and scurf. It can improve the nutrition metabology of hairs, make the hairs smooth, soft and polish. At the same time, ozone which is produced by the biology electricity energy ionization has sterilization, diminish inflammation, analgesic and ease pain effects.
Accessories's Introduction:
1. High frequency comb
Hing frequency comb can sterilizer the hair follicle, there are many bacteria on
our scalp. Red ozone air have sterilization effect and cure the hair follicle's wounds
2. Two BIO(Microcurrent )handle
This handles can stimulate the scalp ,accelerate human scalp's blood circulation,arouse the hair follicle cells,the microcurrent can bring the hair nutrition to the head tissue .
Easy to add hair products or nutrition on head

1) Improve the blood circulation of the scalp
2) Hair regrowth
3) Enhance Hair to absorb  the nutrition
4) Keeping hairness

Voltage: 110V/220V
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
High frequency comb: 1pc
Micro-current (BIO): 2pcs
Sprayer: 1pc
Negative probe: 1pc
Display: Button control
Power: 80W
Packing size: 43*40*30cm
Weight: 5KG

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What's in the box

1 * Main Machine
1 * Electrotherapy Handle
1 * Electrotherapy Comb
1 * Spray Gun
1 * Meridian Dredge Head
1 * Ion Introduction Head
1 * Hanger
1 * Power Cord
1 * User Manual In Chinese